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search marketing

Pay Per Click / Sponsored Search

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very cost effective way of marketing your website. Unlike Search Engine Optimisation, this method of online marketing, also referred to as Sponsored Listings or Sponsored Search, is very quick and easy to implement, and also to turn off, if you so desire.

Pay Per click is a lot lower risk for the marketer, as a smaller sum can be invested in PPC as a test, whereas SEO campaign costs are usually front weighted as this is where the lions share of knowledge transfer occurs.

Any online activity should be tracked, and PPC is no exception. Tracking the Return on Investment (ROI) or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) will allow you to realise the value of your search marketing investment.

Let Stevetall guide you through this process and make your PPC campaign deliver against your business objectives again and again.

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