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Search Marketing Resources - Links to tools and resources

Yahoo! UI Library: Grids CSS
templates for CSS layouts for websites

Webmaster Help Center - Hidden text and links
Google Webmaster Guidelines on using CSS and image to hide text (among other topics...)

Webmaster Help Center - My URL changed, so how can I get Google to index my new site?:
"redirect individuals to your new site. If your old URLs redirect to your new site using HTTP 301 (permanent) redirects, our crawler will discover the new URLs. For more information about 301 HTTP redirects, please see"

Simple Map, generate XML or HTML sitemaps from your website:
"Simple Map is a free open source site map generator and checker... " - looks like a fairly solid reference for sitemap protocols

Flex, Flash, and Flash Lite Developer - Jesse Warden dot Kizz-om

Ideas on how to develop in Flash / XML while pleasing search engines

URL Rewriting
URL re-write for Sun-ONE server

Zippy - Compare sites for keyword: stevetall
Tool to help compare sites for basic SEO on-page factors and info from search engines

Advanced Web Ranking - search engine ranking, website position software
software for position reporting

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